Write a direct variation equation and find the indicated value

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Write a direct variation equation and find the indicated value

Site Navigation Direct Variation A relationship between two variables can be described by an equation or a formula. This relationship can be linear, quadratic, square root, or almost any other type of function you can think of.

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We will focus here on a linear relationship between two variables where one is a constant multiple of the other. This is a special relationship called direct variation. In general, we say that y varies directly as x if there is a constant k so that the equation is true. In most cases, it will be your job to find the constant which makes the relationship true and then use that information to solve another problem.

To solve direct variation problems, you will need to be able to solve one-step equations, linear equations and sometimes literal equations. We will use this information to find the value of k.

You should be careful to note that it is possible for other variables to be used in a problem. Based on the wording in the problem, this will tell you how to set up your initial equation.

Note that there are different variables, but the initial equation used to find k will be similar to what was used before. Once we find k, then we use our equation again to find z. Now use that value to find z.

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write a direct variation equation and find the indicated value

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Direct Variation

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