Wal mart s organizational structure

What is an organizational structure? The plan for the systematic arrangement of work is termed organization structure.

Wal mart s organizational structure

Wal-Mart Planning and Control Introduction Planning and control mechanisms are regularly used with successful organizations to maintain and adjust processes and practices. Wal-Mart is a company that applies control mechanisms to its business functions to remain a global leader in the industry.

The four types of control mechanisms that Wal-Mart puts into action are market control, clan control, audit control, and performance standards. Audit control is the process of self examination as it relates to accounts and products. Lastly, Performance standards are an organizational approved set of requirements, goals and expectations that employees must meet.

These four mechanisms are paramount in today's business world for effectively and efficiently doing business to meet organizational goals.

Wal mart s organizational structure

Wal-Mart has a responsibility to its employees, vendors and the customers to make changes where needed. The economy has influenced the frequency of the changes and requires constant monitoring. The application of these four mechanisms is why Wal-Mart remains a leader in the retail industry. Discussion In management, planning and control is a mechanism or a device that organizations use to regulate or guide operations.

There are many different types of planning and control mechanisms that companies can use within their business. The four major control mechanisms that Wal-Mart uses are: In comparison, all these control mechanisms are used to help Wal-Mart to achieve its organizational goals.

Another trait that these control mechanisms have in common is that they can be implemented before an activity commences, while the activity is going on, or after the activity has been completed Wal-Mart,p6.

Wal-Mart has designed these control mechanisms to maximize potential benefits and to minimize any impractical behaviors and this is what I believe is one of the most important comparison that can be made between the control mechanisms.

Each has their own duty to perform. Clan control represents cultural values. It relies on beliefs, corporate culture, shared norms, values, and informal relationships. Market control consists of the use of price competition to evaluate output.

Under this control mechanism profits and prices are compared to determine the efficiency of the organization. Audit controls are used to measures what the company has achieved and what it has done for its customers.

Performance standard control used to determine the net worthiness of its employees. Wal-Mart's culture, honesty and shared values between employees make clan controlThe changes represent a fresh approach to operations as Walmart appears intent on flattening its operation's organizational structure to put senior leadership in tighter contact with the field.

Organizational Climate at Wal-Mart Essay Wal-Mart’s business is the result of Sam Walton’s visionary leadership, along with generations of associates whose focus was on customers and how they could save money and live better.

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Therefore, with the size of Walmart’s organization, and the specialization of tasks, a vertical structure is best utilized to manage functions. When considering the e-commerce, and international market sector of Walmart’s organization, organizational design is one place where strategic planning is paying off.

Wal-Mart was the biggest company in the world. With sales at a quarter of a trillion and over million employees, it was the biggest retailing success ever. A lot of Wal-Mart's success was attributed to the strong and pervasive culture at the company, which was developed and nurtured by founder Sam Walton.

In over four decades of operation, Wal-Mart managed to retain most of the elements of. -Walmart's organizational architecture -when Walmart initially expanded into international markets, it established an international division -Over time, however, this structure .

Oct 29,  · Below is a description of Wal-Mart’s operating structure which was published in a court document in The only advantage to reading the text here is that I removed all of the legal cross references and footnotes to make the text readable.

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