The impact of the punic wars in rome

Why did Rome enter the Second Punic War? Rome had defeated Carthage in the Frst Punic war and had imposed a settlement treaty Saguntum, an ally of Rome, massacred supporters of Carthage during a dispute involving …attacks on it by a Carthaginian-allied tribe.

The impact of the punic wars in rome

Republican Rome The Republic: It was ruled by two consuls elected annually, drawn from the Senate. The Senate was thus the true ruling body of Rome; it was an assembly of nobles who received their right to be senators by inheritance from their families.

Membership was for life. The yearly election of the consuls, and the fact that there were two, were direct safeguards against a return of the monarchy. There was a gradual enfranchisement of the plebeians, the non-senatorial free population: The revolt of the Gracchi brothers in the third century BCE resulted in the institution of the office of the tribune of the plebs, which represented them politically.

Rome's initial expansion was defensive or preemptive, to prevent attack. They attacked and conquered first the city of Veii inthen the province of Latium inthen the Greek cities of south Italy in BCE, by which time they had overtaken the Italian peninsula see map.

The only other major power in the Western Mediterranean was Carthage, a colony founded by the Phoenicians of Tyre and Sidon see map. Carthage attacked Rome, but Rome triumphed. This was the most famous of the Punic wars, in which the Carthaginian general Hannibal invaded Italy by bringing a "heavy armor" contingent of elephants over the Alps.

In the third Punic war, BCE, Rome invaded Carthage and decimated it, sowing their fields with salt so that nothing would grow any longer.

In the same year, Rome defeated Corinth, the capital city of the Greek league, in order to check the rise of the Greek cities. Greek influence on Roman culture The conquest of Greece led to a lasting influence of Greek culture on Rome.

Greek slaves taken in wars in the east became the educators of the noble sons of Rome. Greek was the first literary language of the Romans, who wrote their first histories in Greek. Education became linked to Greek literature Homer and philosophy.

Greek rhetoric was much loved by the practical Romans as preparation for careers in politics and law, and Athens became a university town where Romans like Cicero came to study.

If Rome had lost the second Punic war by failing to recapture conquered cities, then Hannibal's Italian campaign would have ended up completely conquering Rome. By the time of the third Punic war, Carthage was all but defeated. The Punic Wars PDF Download - Punic Wars Punic wars wikipedia, the punic wars were a series of three wars fought between rome and carthage from bc . Along with the win of the Punic Wars there was Political instability within Rome which brought down the Roman Republic and arose an empire. With Hannibal destroying Farmlands in the Roman empire, small farmers were devastated to find there lands brought to waste.

As Horace wrote, Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit, "Captive Greece conquered her savage victor. The Romans, who had no myths about the g-ds, gladly learned Greek mythology. The Romans imported new cults, showing a taste for the wild, orgiastic and ecstatic such as Dionysus and the Great Mother Goddesswhich they enthusiastically embraced, only to have the Senate ban them later.

Cicero Cicero's Laws show the Roman desire to have divine matters regulated. The work contains instructions on ritual, not narrative myths. Cicero emphasizes that the state recognizes the g-ds, and thus gives permission for the populace to worship them.

Cicero's Dream of Scipio shows the influence of Greek cosmology and ethics. The cosmos is presented, as in Plato, as a universe of concentric spheres.

The body is a prison for the soul, from which one should free oneself while on earth for a faster road to heaven. Stoic virtue also appears, but it is linked to the peculiarly Roman value of service to the state. Scipio is is told by his grandfather that service for the public good is a road straight to heaven: Therefore, look up on high and contemplate this, your eternal home and dwelling place, and pay no attention to the foolish talk of the vulgar herd nor set your hope on human reward for your great deeds.

A spirit exercised and trained in such patriotic activities will fly the more swiftly to this its true home and habitation. Its Demise The existence of two consuls left problems with military command, especially in wars with multiple fronts.

Overseas expansion demanded a delegation of powers to rule the conquered territories, which did not happen. The military campaigns also led to the increasing role of armies and their generals. This was exacerbated by the displacement of small farmers from their lands after the second Punic War; when the territory of Italy had been invaded by the Carthaginians, the nobles allowed their weaker neighbors to be driven from properties that they gladly acquired.

The small farmers then moved to the city, and provided eager volunteers for the armies of the warlord generals. These factors led to the demise of the Republic.

The impact of the punic wars in rome

Romans blamed it instead on Rome's wealth and lack of fear of enemies that resulted from the defeat of Carthage, a moral rather than an economic explanation. The last century of the Republic, with warlords such as Sulla and Marius, Pompey and Julius Caesar, was the story of strong generals marching on Rome and dictating political decisions backed by their troops.The circumstance for the Roman Punic Wars towards Rome was a simple human reaction.

If an outsider such as Italy, Carthage, or Greece make threats towards Rome, Rome will simply fight. The Punic Wars lasted in 3 stages, all resulting to the obsessive pride and higher standings of Rome.

In Rome they went through many wars, including the Punic Wars all three of which were victories. Their victories have been relayed into lust in modern times which has resulted in many larger scale wars that involved a great many more people including the First World War and the Civil War.

How much of an impact did the Punic Wars, and the Carthaginians generally, have on the development of the Roman Empire?

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(pfmlures.comtorians) submitted 4 years ago . Punic Wars and Expansion In the 3rd and 2nd Centuries BC, Rome, after consolidating its hold on the Italian peninsula would soon come up against the power of the Mediterranean, Carthage. Carthage was Phoenician city founded in BC, and the term Punic relates to .

No, not wars of Puns.. A series of wars fought between The Roman Republic and Carthage Romans called the Carthaginians Poenics (Punic) which is Latin for Phoenicians, of which Carthage seems to have been their latest, most profitable and as it turned out, last offshoot and settlement.

What was the overall impact of the three Punic Wars for Rome? (hint: what did Rome control before vs. after the wars) Rome’s victories in the Punic Wars gave it dominance over the western Mediterranean.

The Punic Wars Change Rome