Short essay on new year celebration

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Short essay on new year celebration

How did the celebration of New Year's Eve begin? Why is the beginning of a year placed in the middle of a dead winter? And where did the many customs surrounding it originate? But did the practice of "waiting the old year out" really come from the Bible? Is January 1 the true beginning of a new year?

The custom of celebrating it has remained essentially unchanged for 4, years! Gaster, in his definitive book "New Year", "which has not observed it Yet no other festival has been celebrated on so many different dates or in so many seemingly different ways.

When and how did New Year's celebrations originate? Who began the custom? Notice the proof of history. Count, "is the very ancient Mother of Civilization.

The 'twelve days' of Christmas; the bright fires and probably the Yule log; the giving of presents; the carnivals with their floats, their merrymakings and clownings, the mummers who sing and play from house to house; the feastings; the church processions with their lights and song -- all these and more began there centuries before Christ was born.

That is how it began. The celebration of New Year's began in ancient Babylonia in Mesopotamia. It was a pagan custom of ancient sun-worship years before the birth of Jesus. The celebration of New Year's is never once commanded in the Bible.

Short essay on new year celebration

Jesus and the apostles never observed it. Don't say "it doesn't matter. Your Bible says, "Learn not the way of the heathen" Jeremiah The undampended spirits of the crowd bring to mind the ancient Roman Saturnalia.

The Romans called it "Saturnalia" -- in honor of Saturn. In its midst was December twenty-fifth, the day, as the Romans calculated, when the sun was at its lowest ebb Count's " Years of Christmas", page Accepted by "Church Fathers" But how did such a thoroughly pagan day ever insinuate itself into our modern "Christian" calendar?

Read the answer from church history -- about A. This is the period Emperor Constantine imposed "Christianity" on the Roman world.

The habit of Saturnalia was too strong to be left behind. At first the Church forbade it, but in vain" page Rather than resist the influence of pagan customs, the Catholic Church fathers compromised! The pagan Romans became Christians -- but the Saturnalia remained!ESSAY ON NEW YEAR Happy new year The new year is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and fun.

Earlier, it was a Roman calendar which was having only ten months and designated 1 st march as the new year.

Short Paragraph on How I Celebrated My New Year ( Words)

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New Year Essay- Essay On New Year For School Students. Menu Skip to gifts and different things from market. Shops are full of crowd on these days.!st January is Celebration of New Year in India is a fun full of food, frolic and rituals.

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