My interest in anesthesiology

Anesthesiology Research Summary Cardiac surgery involves use of cardiopulmonary bypass machine, which can be associated with an inflammatory response that may lead to injury to different organs after surgery. My research interest in this area has been to explore the relationship between different markers of inflammation and outcomes such as stroke, kidney injury, death, and heart injury.

My interest in anesthesiology

As a rural health care volunteer in northern India, without portable machines or diagnostic equipment, I experienced medicine and surgery at its roots: I gave children vaccinations, assisted with births, administered epidurals and helped end stage cancer sufferers with pain management.

This experience taught me how to remain calm during emergencies and to endure the pressures of handling crisis. The enthusiasm of combining the mental rigors of medicine with the challenging depths of surgery brought out a certain energy and passion within me.

I believe a career as an anesthesiologist will allow me to pursue that energy and apply it to patient care. My love of traveling and learning about new cultures cultivated my decision to attend medical school in England. Living in a foreign country, I learned to be resourceful and flexible while taking on new challenges.

Along with tremendous mental and physical stamina, I developed strong interpersonal and communication skills. The experience taught me how to multitask efficiently and acclimate quickly into unfamilier places.

As a resident, I will use these skills to handle a fast-paced and demanding workload without becoming stressed. My clinical rotation in anesthesiology and pain management at a County Hospital cemented my decision.

The rotation ended up being one of the most enriching experiences in my medical education. I loved the dynamics of epidurals and emergency c-sections. I learned to rapidly incorporate sound judgment, pathophysiology and pharmacology into caring for two lives.

At County, I was exposed to patients from various multi-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. I never shied away from the many complex social issues that confront an anesthesiologist with such populations.

To fulfill these social convictions, I attended workshops in recognizing and addressing domestic violence, high risk obstetrics, alcoholism, the ethics of pain management and substance dependency.

I often performed the duties of a first-year resident, including blood draws, placing IV lines, history-taking and post operative care. I developed confidence in handling a multitude of presenting complaints and procedures.

Anesthesiology is a field where my perseverance, dedication, respect, and compassion will flourish. I have genuine enthusiasm for working hard and making a positive difference. I am seeking a residency program that will allow me to develop independently and as part of a team.

I value excellent faculty and the opportunity to approach cases with a blend of compassion, wisdom and academics in order to optimally care for each patient.

There are days I think about my experiences of working in India and how not all people were able to have the comforts of epidurals, analgesia or cancer pain management. I plan to use my training to work in areas where a good anesthesiologist is needed.

I understand what a privilege it is to receive the type of medical training your program provides, and I will take advantage of every opportunity to learn and develop during my residency and exceed expectations.

Anesthesiology provides opportunities to display specialized skills by performing a wide range of procedures while having cognitive challenges as well. After medical school I was selected for a two year anesthesiology residency program at Large Medical College, India.

During my training, I learned to administer anesthesia for a wide array of cases: In residency, I became more responsible and confident in handling various cases independently. I enjoyed my work of putting patients to sleep and maintaining their vitals during the critical points of surgery.

Graduate Medical Education Programs

My critical care rotation allowed me to learn about ventilators and manage patients that required long term intensive care.

There I was awed by the mix of internal medicine and anesthesia skills required in managing critically ill patients. I found most aspects of modern intensive therapy ā€” invasive cardiovascular monitoring, manipulation of the circulation, renal support, postoperative analgesia, and the management of shock fascinating and challenging.

Performing well in my residency, I joined as an attending anesthesiologist at India Hospitals. This experience of seven months allowed me to sharpen my technical skills including catheterization of central veins, placement of arterial lines and epidural catheters, and various regional blocks.

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Being part of the cardiac anesthesia team gave me an amazing experience of handling CABG surgeries and many pediatric congenital heart cases. Working as an attending anesthesiologist required to manage the administrative aspects of anesthesiology ā€” efficiently managing operating room time; building and maintaining team spirit; establishing rapport with colleagues, surgeons and OR personnel.

My interest in anesthesiology

In order to continue teaching, I instructed classes for nurses and OR technicians. My position often had me administering anesthesia outside of the operating rooms in radiology and cardiac catheterization labs.

This experience provided me the ability to anticipate problems ahead and take necessary precautions to handle difficult situations. My interest and previous experience in India has led me to pursue anesthesiology in the United States.

To prepare for residency, I joined an observership at the XXXX Clinic of Florida, where I observed the use of the latest equipment in the operating room and familiarized myself with the US medical trends.My other research interest is in the area of hypertension and perioperative outcomes.

We were the first to publish on the importance of pulse pressure on ischemic . My interest in academic anesthesiology stems directly from my MD/PhD training at Washington University in the laboratory of Robert Gereau.

When I was choosing my thesis lab as a first year medical student I was unsure what clinical specialty I would eventually pursue.

Schools for Anesthesiology, Online Schools for Anesthesiology

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