Contemporary african literature discuss the

Precolonial literature[ edit ] Examples of pre-colonial African literature are numerous. In Ethiopiathere is a substantial literature written in Ge'ez going back at least to the fourth century AD; the best-known work in this tradition is the Kebra Negastor "Book of Kings.

Contemporary african literature discuss the

This has got nothing to do with me being over-patriotic or too nepotistic but rather in a nutshell as a means of self-rediscovery, or in other words rediscovering my African-ness. The relish with which I jump unto my next book or at an opportunity to buy quality African books at a bargain price has grown fervently if not dramatically with time.

The question on why African literature is important, is one that has lingered in the labyrinth of my mind for quite sometime and I find this medium offered by Afrikult. I once again jumped at this opportunity and borrowed the book, even though I had already read all the three novels, separately on different occasions.

The introduction of this trilogy by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie somehow answers this question. In her introduction, she clearly re-emphasizes the legacy of Mr. My early writing mimicked the books I was reading: Then I read Things Fall Apart.

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It was glorious of discovery. I did not know in a concrete way until then that people like me could exist in literature. Here was a book unapologetically African.

Contemporary african literature discuss the

This relay how exhilarating African literature is and how sometimes it leaves one with no option but to read the story again. It plays a huge and formidable role in the way of life of a particular group of people and that is exactly what African literature does, it holds the fabric of society together.

African literature brings into light, the daily life experiences of the average African, from various angles and through different nuances which can be as blunt as it can be. African literature therefore portrays through the eyes of a native to the outside world what the real Africa is all about, our dreams and innovations, our successes and challenges.

More over, African literature serves as a means of education and entertainment. African literature began since time immemorial, from our ancestors telling folk tales every night, while children sat around log fire to get the elephant share of the story till today where every potential idea is being properly documented.

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It educates us on various aspect of our heritage and the state of affairs of our continent, pointing out categorically to the everyday issues. The imaginations and nostalgia birthed after reading these stories are simply priceless and our creative impetus are being further enhanced.

As culture is integral to the existence of a particular group of people, so is African literature essential to the pride and dignity of Africans.

Contemporary african literature discuss the

The best we can do as a people is to continue patronizing African literature and this will obviously encourage both the established writers and the up-and-coming writers not to give up on their trade. With all that said, I also urge that we make good use of the available materials and platforms that we are very much privileged to have in this generation.

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African literature will forever be as important as ever. Prince Ken Osei, is a product of two worlds; Belgium and Ghana. When not wrapping his brains around complex algorithms, he enjoys reading, writing poems, short-stories, reviews and articles: · In this course we will read six contemporary novels from three countries (Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa) and discuss the issues they raise about humanity in the 21st century.

Although I will attempt to sketch the postcolonial African literary canon for you, this course is not intended to be a comprehensive introduction to African  · Contemporary African Literature: New Approaches is the result of several years of reassessing African literature from multiple per- spectives,  · African American literature, body of literature written by Americans of African descent.

Beginning in the pre-Revolutionary War period, African American writers have engaged in a creative, if often contentious, dialogue with American letters.

The result is a literature rich in expressive subtlety and social insight, offering illuminating assessments of American identities and  · Modern Literature: The Harlem Renaissance. taught by Christopher Okonkwo.

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This course focuses on the s “New Negro” movement or Harlem Renaissance, a moment of vibrant cultural and intellectual activity by African American and African Diaspora reformers, poets, novelists, playwrights, actors, painters, and  · Women in African literature.

Anthonia C. Kalu. Although contemporary African literary criticism is a product of Africa’s contact with the West, evaluation and analyses relevant to the African experience must be derived from methods intrinsic to African art  · Contemporary African Literature will help students to develop a greater appreciation of cultural, thematic, and aesthetic representations in African Literature, starting from a quick revision of the classic, but concentrating mostly on the contemporary texts from different African Literature · Web view.

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